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How We Can Help You...

We specialize in small to medium sized projects that will restore or improve your business's "curb appeal" as well as its efficiency, productivity, and overall value. We do the jobs that large contractors won't do because the job is "too small" or "too much trouble." We can usually take care of several types of repair issues during one service call, so you won't have to rely on several different people to get your projects done, saving you from having to pay several different companies a minimum service call fee.

We are well known to our clients for our professionalism and quality work, and because of this, the majority of our new work is due to referrals from present and past clients. We believe that a referral from a satisfied client is worth more than any print or radio ad ever could be. Not having to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars a year in advertising allows us to maintain lower operating costs, which we pass on to you.

Business Clients We Serve...

We Provide Repair and Minor Remodeling Services To The Following Types of Businesses

Fast Food Establishments

We provide repair services to fast food and take-out style restaurants including several McDonalds locations. Over the years, we have built strong relationships with the owners and managers and they consider us as part of their team, helping to keep their restaurant operating and providing for their guests.


We also provide repair and minor remodeling services for full service restaurants such as fine dining establishments as well as family style  and specialty restaurants.

Commercial Offices

Stop worrying about those small repair projects around the office. We  we can take care of your repair needs often in one visit, and we have no problem coming in early or after hours if needed so we don't disrupt your business or distract your staff.


In bars, as with many other small businesses, there is always a bunch of little things that need repair. We can save you from having to call several different service companies by taking care of many if not all of  these issues so you can concentrate on your job, taking care of your guests.

Medical Offices

As a doctor, dentist, chiropractor, or other health care provider, the last thing you want to worry about is having to deal with repairs and routine maintenance around your facility. We can take care of those things that are taking your attention away from what's really important, taking care of your patients.

Misc. Commercial Clients

We have also done work for health and fitness clients, automotive service providers, schools, and universities. You can expect the same quality service no matter what your commercial business is.